Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament

Spring 2017 Tribute Tournament - Sponsored by SGO, Gamer Gloves and Uncle D's Buffalo Sauce

That's right folks!  Get ready because League Crawler will be hosting it's FOURTH TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT!  We are still working on all the details but wanted to get this information into your hands as soon as possible!  Here are the details so far:


TWO PLAYERS FROM EACH PARTICIPATING LEAGUE -  If you've participated in one of our Tribute Tournaments before, you'll be familiar with how this works.  Basically, each participating league chooses TWO players to represent their league in the bracket.  The Goal is to have at least 16 leagues (2 players per league) participate from each system.  If more leagues join, we will expand the bracket to accomodate with a max number of leagues set at 32 per console.

One BRACKET - We will have PS4 and XboxOne brackets as long as both fill with at least 8 leagues.  Brackets are eligible for a prize as long as the bracket has at least 16 leagues participating.  Update 4/1 Due to lack of interest, the Xb1 bracket is cancelled.

BRACKET LINK http://www.leaguecrawler.com/spring-bracket

PS4 Groupme Link - https://groupme.com/join_group/22500102/eAOrXF

Official link to the bracket

*NOTE - the bracket is huge and does not fit on the page.  You'll need to scroll.  All contact details are additionally located on the second tab including the commissioner's email.  If you would like your phone number published there too, just let me know.  Phone number is NOT mandated, it's completely up to you.  Also, if your opponent is TBD, that league has until 8pm tonight to supply that person or that game will be forfeited by the TBD player. If your opponent is PLAY-IN, the play in bracket will need to resolve for you to know who you are playing.

RULES - The rules for the tournament are posted below.  The gist is - play as SIM and as fair as possible.  The understanding however is that, this is not a paid entry bracket so, if you lose to an opponent that is playing in an unfair way, don't go crazy about it.  Have fun, play fair and don't complain.  At the end of the day, no one's skin is really in the game here.  We've had leagues get mad at me over the actions of a player in the tournament - which sucks.  I don't play in a league, League Crawler doesn't sponsor a league so - please don't get hateful with me if something goes badly.  If it's outside the posted rules, we'll take whatever action is appropriate.  They key here is - League Crawler is not responsible for setting the standard for what is SIM and if you plan to judge this site for the actions of a player in the tournament that might not meet that standard, this may not be the tournament for you.

*****One note on rules - to give everyone a chance to air their thoughts on te rules this time, before the bracket is released I will notify all commissioners that they have 24 hours to pick two rules they would suggest needs added/removed/changed/tweaked if they want.  Once the 24 hour period is over, I will go through the submissions and if a consensus is reached on any one rule, I will implement it.  That does not mean your seggestion will get implemented, but if your idea is a universal enough one that several other commissioners independently agree with, it will likely be implemented.  If not, then it is not consensus and you'll need to agree with the stated rules for the tournament as written.*******

Questions about Rules or Gameplay Violations
Pause and ask in game FIRST with your opponent.  Second, ask our Rules committee, @Phooty, @RTL and @DJM in the PS4 Groupme chat.  They will review any questions about rules and rules violations and make a decision on how to handle.  If they agree, they will have my blessing and their ruling will stand.  If they do not agree, I will review and make a decision how to handle.  IF you do have a question about a potential violation of a rule, you'll need to provide evidence AND the time in game it happened. 
General Questions
You can direct any questions to me or @synergyrecruiter in the PS4 Groupme chat.
Player Ratings
To help us get a better idea of how people played and to introduce many of you that aren't aware of this feature, please RATE your opponent after your game.  You'll click the RATE A PLAYER button and then search for their PSNID.  If you can't find it, you can add it by clicking the ADD NEW PSN button.  Once you've added it, it will be on the site for everyone to rate and comment on.  http://www.leaguecrawler.com/player-ratings

* 4th and inches anytime, anywhere 

* 4th and any distance, anywhere. Losing team may go for it at their own risk within the 2 minute warning in the second quarter. 

* Across your opponents 35 yard line, five yards or less, and down by 14 

* You may go for it at any distance on 4th and goal 

* You may go for it in overtime  at any time 

* No user will go for it on fourth down and this includes fake fg/punt unless they are down by 14 in the second half ( which means if you score and the deficit is less than 14 you cannot go for it on 4th down again until the deficit is 14 points again  

* If you are losing by any margin in the 4th quarter, you may go for it from any distance at your own risk!! If you are winning and feel its "situational" to go for it on 4th down to seal the game you may do so at your own risk, but only if you are leading by 7 points or less, anything over a 7 point lead you must follow the above 4th down rules. If the game is tied in the 4th quarter both teams have the option to go for it on 4th down from any distance.

* No user is to snap the ball while any of the above positions are manually sent into motion unless it is a designed play.  

* You may snap the ball once all players sent motion (manually) have come to a complete stop. In conclusion, when motioning you may not snap the ball if your motion man is between the tackles on either side of the offensive line.

* No user will go for a two point conversion unless to tie, make it a 3 or 7 point game, or win the game


* You may use no huddle in succession but you may not run the same play in the hurry up offense. 

* You may only run the hurry up four times in a row, period. You may change the formation in hurry up but you may not run the same play in any of the 4 chosen plays. 

* You may run the hurry up offense unlimited only within the two minute warning at the end of the second and fourth quarter. Flipping a play is still considered the same play. Calling hot routes is still considered the same play. If you run hurry up four consecutive times you must stop running hurry up. And may continue after that within the rules.

* You may not call the same play in the same 4 down set, but may once they get a first down ( flipping a play is not considered a "different play") as well as running same play types. A toss is a toss, a sweep is a sweep. 

* Defensive coverage should be mixed up as well.  Cover 2, Cover 3, Man, blitz from different formations.  You should not use the same concept several plays in a row.  

* All play calling should be varied on both offense and defense as a general rule.

* Do not use the same group or sequence of plays on offense and defense all game either.

* Onside kicks are allowed only in the fourth quarter or at any time when you are down at least 17 points.

* No nanos or glitches

* No halftime onside kicks

* you must at least 2 defensive lineman (hands on the ground) at the line of scrimmage for every play (except with the 1-5-5 formation).

* You must rush 3 players at all times.  Rushing 2 is never allowed, never drop 10 ppl into coverage. (this includes qb spy) 


* If a game gets disconnected for any reason the team who receives first at the beginning of the game still has to receive first. 

* If a game gets disconnected for any reason before halftime the team winning gets awarded the net difference to start off the new game. 

* If played through halftime: restart the game.  The winning team gets awarded difference in points and start normally to play up to halftime the loser at that time will then quit the game the score will be counted like normal. 

* If the game is out of reach by the 4th quarter (17 points difference or more), the losing team gets the loss. 

* You must provide photo prove to state your case or if you both agree on it you can simply restart the game normally.

TEAM SELECTION - You selected a team when you registered.  If you want to change your team before your first game for whatever reason, you may do so but you MUST keep that team the remainder of the tournament and you must communicate it with me right after you play.

STREAM - All games must be streamed live on Twitch or Youtube.  One player must record the game as well.  Home team is the BOTTOM team in the bracket and should stream unless both players agree otherwise.

ENTRY FEE - Like I said above, entry fee is free!  Just sign up and plan to be on good behavior.

REPORTING RESULTS - When you're finished playing your game, please decide who will let me know who won the game and one person email me.  Please say "PS4 Bracket - Dr Dre from League1 defeats SnoopDogg from League2" and use that as the subject.   

CLOCK SETTINGS - 6 min quarters, no accel clock. 

PLAYBOOKS - Custom playbooks are allowed.  Just keep the play calling within the confines of the main rules. 

HOME/AWAY - Since the teams and placement in the bracket was random, the team on the top side of the bracket (1st one listed) is the AWAY team.

REGISTRATION - Right now, if you want to get your name on the list - early registration can be done by filling out the following google doc found here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScswN9ret0qPlzvQg-g8lK3t_uTzrkDnSFS5aa_3iNZTDRvoA/viewform

PRIZE - We are delighted to have three sponsors for our tournament at this time - Sports Gamers Online, Uncle D's and The Gamer Gloves!  The winner will receive $100 (via paypal), a League Crawler shirt and a pair of Gamer Gloves!  The runner up will receive $50 (via paypal) and a League Crawler shirt!!     

ADVANCE TIMES - There are no set advance times.  If you and your player can play, go ahead unless it's the semi final or later.  We want to make sure we get the word out for those games to as many people as possible.

TWITTER - Speaking of getting the word out, post game times and updates on the groupme chat AND Twitter and tag @leaguecrawler.  Images, video, etc are all welcome and very highly recommended!

SYSTEM - PS4 and XboxOne as long as both fill.  See above.

Difficulty - Base All Madden.

DONATE! - If you or someone you know is sitting on a pile of cash and want to donate to League Crawler and help us make these tournaments even better, go to our website and donate! 

For questions or comments, contact me at the following:


@leaguecrawler on Twitter

Also, be sure to check out our sponsors!!

Sports Gamers Onlinehttp://www.sportsgamersonline.com/

The Gamer Gloveshttp://thegamergloves.com/

Uncle D's Buffalo Sauce

I look forward to hearing from all of you soon!





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