October 2016 League of the Month - MEE

October 2016 League of the Month - MEE

Happy October everyone!  I know that many leagues are still reeling from the fact that there is no CFM Online website or connectivity to Daddy Leagues at the moment but leagues are still rolling!  That's a testament to the quality of the leagues out there and the people running them.  It also speaks to the ability of these leagues to find great members to join, assimilate, follow rules and become a functioning member of their community.  With that said, it's my pleasure to announce the League of the Month for October - Madden Elite Evolution!  I've been aware of these guys for a while now and been stalking them on Twitter, etc like my wife does to her friends on Facebook.  One of the things I can say right off the cuff in talking with Ryan, their commissioner is - he's the real deal.  One of the things I think is difficult in running a league is having the maturity and temperament to see it through.  Ryan has built a great league because he's a thoughtful guy that has brought with him experience from the leagues he's been in and applied that knowledge to his league.  As we do with all our Leagues of the Month, I asked Ryan to give some information about what makes MEE so great.  Here's what he had to say!


1.  How long has Madden Elite Evolution been around and why did you decide to start the league?

MEE has been around since January of 2011. The league was initially started because I was suspended in a league I was in for a year or 2 for “abusing fake snap” against someone who was playing their first league game. Without proof of benefit of the doubt, I was suspended. It obviously was not true, but I stuck around for a little while longer before I grew tired of watching people get suspended for no reason. I ended up starting my own league so that everyone would have fair representation and both sides of a story would be heard.


2.  Where do you see your league fitting in to the CFM community?

That’s an interesting question. I think we should be viewed as a prime location for a wide variety of people who play Madden. We have an incredible website, fun group of guys, fair rules, and honest, fair representation if any issues arise. The community as a whole is diverse. I think MEE has a lot of diversity within itself where each member brings something different to the table.

3.  What has been the most difficult thing so far in getting rolling with MEE?

The most difficult part of getting rolling was definitely finding quality members. As time goes on, the good ones stick and the bad ones go away. Given enough time, the league fills up with good people. If I had to give any new commissioner advice, it’s stay dedicated and do your best not to let people bother you. Don’t get power hungry, and the good members will stick around. Even today there are members that may come and go, it’s not very frequent, but it happens. Luckily we are established enough that it’s easy to find a quality replacement.

4.  Have you been in or are you currently in other leagues?  If so, what is one thing you learned from other leagues that you've applied to MEE?
The most important thing that I’ve learned from other leagues is that the community is definitely the most important part of a league. I would much rather have 24 awesome people who get along, have a little light trash-talk, and are friends than 32 guys who don’t get along, argue, and are only there to win Madden games. As for other leagues, I have only really been in 2 others. OBAFL and a reddit league (whose name no escapes me) which is no longer together. The reddit league was an awesome league with great character.

5.  What is your favorite part of running a league?
Definitely the friendships that come along with your members and admins. It’s the main reason I am still running MEE today. Aside from a few bad apples, I love the variety of personalities that you get to encounter on a daily basis.


6.  Least favorite part?
It’s definitely when people can’t swallow their pride and cause issues within the community. If you’ve lost a game, sometimes it’s best just to shut your mouth and move on instead of come up with every reason why you lost and put people on blast in chat for no reason. It not only makes you look like an idiot, but it makes people not want to participate in a chat, and it really makes running the league less desirable. The egos in the Madden community are real.

7.  How many people are a part of the MEE staff?  What are their roles?
We have 4 other admins other than me.


BlackMagic607 is my Vice-Commissioner. He’s someone I can truly count on, talk to, and bounce ideas off of. I can trust him with any aspect of the league, and for someone who is occasionally given the power to cover for me, he’s the guy who I want running it when I am not around.

RaginCajunNacho is my enforcer/lieutenant. Often times I am a bit too fair to defend people who don’t have a defense, and Cajun is such a passionate guy who is also the longest tenured member in the league. He’s been with me since we were just an 8 person team. He’s great at making sure I don’t go too soft on people.

Aatrayu is my MEEPA. Players association rep. This guy is someone who has only really been here for a short while, but has the passion and drive to one  up even myself. I have a bunch of respect for this man, and the content he creates as well in his free time.

Mile High Champ is someone who has earned a spot in the admin group. He has shown he can be unbiased, have poise, and understand an argument from both sides. He is a good voice for the admin group.

8.  What are the two or three things that your league does best?
I think the QUALITY and appearance of our content is top notch. I know I personally take a lot of pride in the content I create. Other leagues post many different bits of content that are essentially the same thing over and over, or don’t have any kind of content. I am not saying those other leagues don’t care about the quality of their content, but I think of lot of it is just  using a template and slapping stuff together. I like to think we take the time to refine the products we put out a little more than others. It’s sometimes annoying being as nitpicky about the quality as I tend to be, but what we put out is generally high in quality.



9.  What are one or two things that MEE is doing that people may not know about?
MEE is not a free league. There is a league due that all members pay when every new Madden drops. We have a due instead of asking for donations because when we push to have as quality of a website as we have, amongst other things, it costs money to do. Obviously it costs money for the domain and the hosting for the website, but we also give trophies/prizes to Super Bowl winners, we have at least 1 copy of Madden given away at the beginning of every year, and we are looking more and more to do more giveaways. That stuff adds up over the course of 7 or more seasons. There’s no way I   could finance it myself. That being said, we do have a free league as well. Members may get a feel for the rules and the style of the league while they wait for a slot to open in the Premium league. The due is also good for keeping the riff raff out. People don’t want to join a league, get mad and dump a team, and be out that money they invested.

10.  What's next for MEE?  Development league?  NBA2K?
It’s top secret! Ha, I kid. But anything is possible. We at one point had 3 or 4 leagues running at full capacity. We’ve put our resources only into 2 for now. Less stress on the admins. But I have often thought about having other leagues from other games on the MEE website. I so badly want to get a Forza 6 drive club going, and now NBA2k online leagues are starting to get momentum. I won’t shut down expansion, but Madden is the focus for this league.


User Spotlight - Who are the top 3 members of MEE?

Currently the top members are:

LAxTwoFour, Aatrayu, and man…that third spot is tough to choose. I’d have to say it’s df_prince. Those guys are having a lot of success in the league. But I have to give a shout-out to JGUT23, CashLlama, MHC, RaginCajun, & Captain Tomac for giving us more content to read and digest…

I wanted to finish up and thank you for the time and effort you put in here at LeagueCrawler. It’s definitely a great service you are giving to the Madden community, and even more than JUST the Madden community. I can’t wait to see what you can grow this in time. Lots of potential, and I appreciate you giving MEE the opportunity to be league of the month. So thank you!

Contact Info:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/maddeneliteevo

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MaddenEliteEvolution/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQLihTM_lbJu-cTWPON9RBQ 

Email: commissioner@maddeneliteevolution.com


Website: http://maddeneliteevolution.com

Gamertag: PAPA P0ST (that’s papa p(zero)st)



So you were suspended from a league that's funny I was in that league you were allegedly  suspended from in the real world you could atleast tell the truth  you were never suspended you were staff in that league and you were acting like a little kid not getting his way  because you weren't allowed to do hurry up so you don't play your games for two weeks then you quit  now to make your story sound Good you make lies saying you were suspended (we know the truth )

Hey, friend. In said league, at said time, I was not staff, though I do believe at some point in time, I was, but to be honest, I cannot remember. Said league I was suspended for "abusing" fake snap, not hurry up. I hope you aren't confusing me with another user. This was also quite a long time ago.

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