Madden 17 Tribute Tournament Winners!!

Madden 17 Tribute Tournament Winners!!

Greetings from League Crawler and if you're reading this, chances are you played in our Tribute Tournament!  If you did or your league was represented, I first want to say thanks for playing and I hope everyone had a great time.  The idea is simple - get leagues to pick 2 players from their league 2 represent them, randomly place them in a bracket and let them duke it out for a LC T Shirt and some money!  Big thanks to the donations that came in this year to make an event like this possible - you can find a list of our contributing members here - - with the lastest donation from Synergy League Recruiter going to pay for the prizes in this tournament.  Big thanks to him as well for tweeting out games in Twitter when I was unavailable.  This is the thirs tournament we've done and was very successful with only a few ruffled feathers.  Thanks again for playing and for those of you that may have had to be the bigger man, thanks for not causing a scene.  Anyway, on to the results!

PS4 Bracket

We had a full PS4 bracket.  32 players from 16 leagues and once again, Synergy comes out on top!  Our final four was IBRINGTHEHEAT89 from SMH League, tournament winner NICKISBEAST from Synergy, MWSTHENATURAL and KINGBRYK (both representing the popular sports gaming site (and good friends of League Crawler) Sports Gamers Online.

My thanks to all the leagues that played: Madden Nation, Madden All 32, SMH, Synergy, DCA, 220 Re-loaded, OGML, NEFL, Madden SZN, Upper Echelon, Blindside Dynasty, ANZAC, MFOLPA, NGZ Elites, Madden Ballas Club and SGO!


XBOX1 Bracket

For the second straight tournament, we had trouble filling the XBOX One bracket which sucks, but I'm very happy to have had the players and leagues represented that we had.  Not having a full bracket means the bracket ends up looking really weird but nevertheless, we got everyone scheduled and played.  The final four in the XBOX Bracket was tournament winner YOUNGMONEY7546 from NFL Ballers Bowl, HOOPGODWILL from League of Champions, FT INDIGO from Madden Monarchy and Kiing360 also from NFL Ballers Bowl.

My thanks to all of the leagues that participated: NFL Ballers Bowl, Madden Elite Evolution, XCFL, American Simball League, Madden Bomber League, One Tough League, Madden Madmen, and League of Champions!





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