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This is one of the features I had been trying to get impemented on League Crawler for a long time!  I know a lot of leagues use Twitter extensively and I thought it was important to have a league's page feature their league's twitter feed right on the page.  So, I was able to do that but because of some wonkiness in how the twitter embed code is written, I had to keep the @leaguecrawler feed on the page as well.  Normally not a problem but because I have it showing up in the side bar, it takes up real estate on every league page that I want to use for other cool features.  So, I moved it to the very bottom so that I can utilize that space for other league specific stuff.  More to come on that.  Anyway, here's how it looks if you have a Twitter account and it is setup correctly:

Here is one that isn't setup correctly or doesn't have a Twitter feed yet:

If you are a member of League Crawler and you have a league page setup already but do not have your twitter feed on your league page, click the edit button right above the Title.  In the edit view, you can change almost anything about your league's page including the twitter handle.  Each league page is set to embed a twitter feed automatically, all you have to do is enter the twitter handle.

Make sure you do not include the @ sign.  Once you have your twitter handle in there, click save and voila!


I hope this helps guys!  More to come soon!

If you have questions, leave them below or get me on Twitter @leaguecrawler

- Matt





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