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Hey everyone!  I want to tell you about a new thing we are trying out called LCTV!  Since so many of you are out there constantly doing cool stuff and broadcasting it on your Twitch channels, we wanted to give you a chance to get some additional exposure by using our channel (which has not gotten any use yet) to broadcast your games, Super Bowls, Draft Parties, Tournaments, Weekly Shows and anything else you can think of.  Here's how it will work (which is subject to change as things get rolling).  Remember - this is NOT JUST FOR MADDEN!!  League Crawler is a sports gaming community for all games, not just Madden so, let us know if you play NBA2K, MLB, FIFA, PES - any sports game and we'll get to work on getting you noticed.

One Time Streams

Many leagues do not have a weekly show or anything regular that they want to broadcast on a certain schedule but many leagues do broadcast games and other things on Twitch when they happen.  Think Super Bowl, Championship Games, etc.  If you would like to have your event aired on our League Crawler Twitch channel too, do one of the following.  Email me at or tag me on Twitter @leaguecrawler with the hashtag #LCTV.  Include the event you're broadcasting, the game, console and day/time of the event and if we have an opening and are able to show it, we will!  Simple as that.  Additional rules and agreements below.

Regular Programming

Some of you are hardcore and have regular programming that you show every week.  Think Call In show, podcast, etc.  Some of you might just stream a lot and want to show off some skills, etc.  If you have something that you broadcast weekly that fits the scope of what we are trying to do with this thing, let us know by emailing me at  Let me know what you do, links to past programs, when you broadcast, the game you play, console, etc and we can discuss the possibility of airing your show on our channel every week.  Additional rules and agreements below.

Additional Rules and Agreements

1.  This is a brand new thing for League Crawler so everything we do going forward is subject to change at the sole discretion of League Crawler.

2.  You must be an active League Crawler member to be considered - use the site frequently, follow on Twitch and Twitter, etc.  If you don't already, click the links to follow us on and

3.  Your stream, channel, users and anything affiliated with your programming is 100% free of the slightest hint of racism, sexism, politics and obscenity.  Think ESPN in terms of content.  Clean, fun and safe for everyone to watch.

4.  Regular programming will be evaluated on a weekly or monthly basis and may be swapped for another show, time slot or any other change as needed and at the discretion of League Crawler.

5.  Your stream is for promoting yourself, your league, tips, hints, tricks, etc and not a place for bashing other leagues, players, etc.  Yes, League Cralwer is a place where you can post your opinion about anything you want but LCTV since it is more promotional in nature is not the place to sound off of other leagues or members of the community.

6.  Weekly shows may be asked to make a quick "hey, we're broadcasting on League Crawler" type of message during the broadcast time to help tie our hosting of your channel back to our site.  It doesn't have to be every 5 minutes or everything so the impact will be extremely light for the streamer.

Below is a schedule that as we get regularly scheduled programming set will update with the name of the show in it's respective time slot.

That's it for now!  This is more of a - hey, this is something we're going to try type of announcment so be on the lookout for more info, better and more clarified rules on programming and anything else we can think of.  Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, please let me know!

Matt @leaguecrawler





Legit. I am hoping leagues take advantage of this! The OMFL will gladly see where we can help add content. 

Synergy League is excited to be a part of this as well!

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