Features to Come


Hey guys, this isn't exaclty an announcement but more of a place to collect some of my thoughts for new features on the site that are in the works.  These are not in order

  • Taxonomy Specific Tags with images
  • Player PSNIDs/Gamertags on League pages with the player's LC Rating - *Started
  • Webform on each league page where users can email the league directly to apply to join the league
  • Download section on each league page for that team's rules
  • Userpoints assigned to members for things they do - comment, post, rate, etc as a way to highlight active members of the LC community
  • Badges for user profiles that meet certain levels of user point activity
  • Our Team - get people on our team and flesh out that page better with pics and bios of our staff (right now just me).  So, as I'm writing this, it's basically a selfie feature
  • Add more color to PSNID and Gamertag ratings?  What kind of game was played, CFM, H2H, etc.  Maybe add ratings, for onnection, communication, play calling/SIM and roll that into a player's OVR rating?
  • Add rating page for the game itself and a wish list for new games coming out that our LC community can submit


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