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Hey guys, I decided to start a blog to collect my thoughts on things I need to do with the site and also provide a place to highlight some of the things going on.  Generally speaking, I'm working on something with the site every night but a lot of it probably goes unnoticed.  Not that I'm looking for credit but, some things that are happening you might not know about and may make this site more helpful so, as things are happening, I'll try to recap them here.  I'm going to pin this post so it describes the goal of this section of the site and then write individual posts about new features and changes as they happen.

If you have ideas or feedback on a post, feel free to post a comment!  Please keep it constructive and positive please.  I'm not a professional developer and I can't develop this site full time so, most of the developments come as I have the time and ability to make them happen.  So, thanks for reading and I look forward to making League Crawler an even better tool for the sports gaming community!


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