2018 League Crawler Tournament Series

2018 League Crawler Tournament Series

Get ready everybody!  League Crawler is proud to announce the first ever - 

LEAGUE CRAWLER TOURNAMENT SERIES sponsored by Players Lounge and Sports Gamers Online!

Following the success of our Tribute Tournaments, we have decided to partner up with our good friends at Players Lounge and SGO to bring you the first ever tournament series for SIM players.  This will feature players from all over the world in a series of three 64 player brackets fighting for a spot in the final 32 player bracket to take home the final prize!  This is going to be our biggest event ever as it will be for gamers on PS4 and XBOX in their own separate series brackets!  


The details:

Tournament Series Setup - The tournament series will be played on both PS4 and XBOX One.  That means all the details below are for both consoles.  

Registration - Players will register on Players Lounge using the following link


And can register for Players Lounge here:


Registration begins on February 1st!

Qualifier Brackets - There will be four 64 player tournaments that will serve as the qualifiers for the final tournament on each console.  The final four from each qualifier will automatically move on to the finals for their console.

Finals - The final four from the qualifiers will all meet in one final 16 player bracket.

Entry - Each player must register on Players Lounge by the deadline to be registered to play.  Entry into the tournament series is free and players will be registered on a first come, first served basis.  

Re-Entry - Once a player is eliminated from a qualifier bracket they may register to play in the next qualifier if they choose once registration is open.  Again, registration is first come first served.

Agreement - By agreeing to enter the tournament each player agrees to abide by all rules, terms and conditions set in this document as well as any that may need to be added as needed by League Crawler, Players Lounge or SGO.  Players agree that they may be removed from the tournament at any time for any reasonable cause and may not be allowed re-entry into this or future tournaments.  Players agree to be respectful of everyone involved - players organizers, promoters, etc at all times. 


By agreeing to play in the tournament, you agree to play by the rules set forth in this document whether you have read them or not.  The staff at Players Lounge will be running and officiating the tournament and have sole discretion to govern the play of the tournament and adherence to the rules by all players.  Any violation of the rules will be handled by Players Lounge and can include ejection from the bracket, tournament series or a ban from future events.  Players Lounge also reserves the right to take any necessary action as needed to make the torunement run smoothly.

* 4th and inches anytime, anywhere or on 4th and goal.

* 4tth and 2 once at or across the 50yd line.

* You can go for it anytime when losing in the 4th qtr

* You may go for it in overtime at any time 

NO HUDDLE RULE - You may run the hurry up offense unlimited only within the two minute warning at the end of the second and fourth quarter.

PLAY CALLING (OFFENSE AND DEFENSE) - All play calling should be varied on both offense and defense as a general rule. Don’t repeatedly call the same plays on offense or defense.

ONSIDE KICKS - Onside kicks are allowed only in the fourth quarter  when losing or at any time when you are down at least 17 points.

COVERAGE - You rush must at least 2 defensive players at the QB on every play.

GAME DISCONNECT/DESYNC - Defer to Players Lounge Disconnection Rules

ENTRY FEE - Like I said above, entry fee is free!  Just sign up and plan to be on good behavior.

CLOCK SETTINGS - 6 min quarters, no accel clock.

PLAYBOOKS - Custom playbooks are allowed.  Just keep the play calling within the confines of the main rules.

HOME/AWAY - Since the teams and placement in the bracket was random, the team on the top side of the bracket (1st one listed) is the AWAY team.

PRIZES - Each winner of qualifier brackets wins $50 in cash from Players Lounge!  Second place will receive a $25 Amazon gift card from SGO.  The two finals winners (PS4 and XB1) will both receive $100 cash from Players Lounge.  Second place in the finals will also receive a $25 gift card courtesy of SGO.  Other prizes and considerations will be awarded as the tournament advances and as prize money potentially increases with additional sponsors.  If any, those will be detailed here once identified and agreed upon.

ADVANCE TIMES - There are no set advance times.  If you and your player can play, go ahead unless it's the semi final or later.  We want to make sure we get the word out for those games to as many people as possible.

TWITTER - Speaking of getting the word out, post game times and updates on the groupme chat AND Twitter and tag @leaguecrawler.  Images, video, etc are all welcome and very highly recommended!

Streaming - Unless otherwise agreed upon by both players, the HOME team will be required to stream the game on Twitch or YouTube gaming.

System - This will be for both XBOX One and PS4.

Difficulty - Base All Madden.

SPONSORS - If you would like to be a sponsor for the tournament and have your name included on our website during the tournament and Twitter posts, contact me ASAP to see how you can jump in!  

For questions or comments, contact us at the following:


@leaguecrawler on Twitter

@_playerslounge on Twitter

@SportsGamersOn on Twitter



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